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Buy Christmas Soup Online

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, so then why is it so stressful? Christmas should be about spending time with family and friends, not being chained to the stove. Unfortunately, we can’t celebrate Christmas without talking about cooking.

If you are visiting Nigeria this Yuletide and wondering how you will manage your cooking, then you just got an option. You can order cooked soup, sauce and stews online and just relax to make your swallow or rice. We all know how stressful making Nigerian soups can bee, but your Christmas cooking doesn’t have to be stressful this Christmas.

While prices of items are skyrocketing, we’re giving you a 10% discount if you book for your Christmas stew, soup, and sauce on or before 7th December. Your order will be delivered on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Boxing Day. You don’t have to stress yourself this Christmas as we are fully on ground to help you make your favorite soup, sauce or stew and deliver it to your home on Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve or on Boxing Day.

Here’s how it works, you’ll order a pot of soup, sauce or stew, provide the preferred date for delivery. We’ll get across to you to confirm your order and specifications. After confirmation, we’ll send you a link to securely make payment online in advance to validate your order.

You can also send a pot of soup, sauce or stew to your family or friends who will be in Abuja or Lagos during the Yuletide. Promo orders end by 12am on 7th December 2019. Why not order something new online and enjoy the rich diversity of Nigeria’s soup from any culture this Christmas.

In case you don’t know, Soup Embassy is the most convenient online soup ordering site, serving busy people with their favorite home-cooked soup. Founder of Soup Embassy Mr. Ablaku D. A. in a chat said: At Soup Embassy, we believe that ordering soup online should be easy, fast and definitely fun! We wanted to provide our clients who are looking for where to buy soup online with the best online soup ordering experience.

Soup Embassy is an online soup delivery service, which simplifies soup ordering for Nigerian people. To get a treat from Soup Embassy, simply choose the soup you want on our website and it will be delivered at home in Lagos or Abuja. There can’t be any better way to keep up with your busy schedule and still eat healthily. Ablaku in the chat introduced Soup Embassy Errands.

We also help deliver soup ingredients and other food items to those who want to make their soup themselves. We cut the inconveniences involved in you navigating to the market through traffic, moving through densely crowded markets to sort your home food needs and driving back home to clean and prepare your ingredients before looking.

That’s definitely a pretty long day. So with Soup Embassy Errands, you get prepped soup ingredients bundles and other food items delivered to your home ready for the pot.

The good news is you can get items ordered delivered the same day and the option to pay cash on delivery or via mobile transfer. You can also conveniently and securely pay online with your ATM. Visit our website for the yummy experience today.

Soup Embassy offers all major ethnic soup, stew, and sauce made to the customer’s specification and taste, with portion size, and event to suit the occasion. Whether customers are stuck in traffic, live long miles away from home or market, children get back from school before the parents, or simply no food in the family fridge, Soup Embassy can bridge the gap.