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Just in case you don't know, Soup Embassy is an online soup vendor that creates convenience by providing busy persons the option to enjoy homemade soup. At Soup Embassy, you order for your favorite soup and tailor it to your specification. Soup Embassy helps busy persons prepare and deliver soup to their homes in Lagos and Abuja. We are currently working on extending our services to some other cities. We know that we’re not the only ones that love to cook. There are lots of busy people out there who despite their busy schedule prefer to cook themselves instead of ordering soup. So aside preparing your soup, we also give you the option to cook your soup yourself from a variety of prepped soup ingredients. We also shop soup bundles and deliver promptly to your home. Soup Embassy will run errands for your soup ingredients and other food items while you are at work. We understand the value of time and that is why we are here to take stress away from you. Shopping for your groceries from work or home is a great way to deal with this necessary chore. We accept cash on delivery or via mobile transfer. If you are ordering directly from our website, you also have the option to pay online with your ATM while checking out. Soup Embassy is built by a consortium of focused young persons with extraordinary creativity and cutting edge innovation.