Banga Soup



Our Banga Soup is made from the popular banga extract. The Banga extract is organic and fresh. Aside banga the major ingredient, our banga soup like most Nigerian soup mixtures includes Meat of choice (beef, chicken, turkey, goat meat, or assorted meat). Assorted meat is a combination of different parts of a cow, Dry fish, ground crayfish, Ground Osu (optional), a good quantity of washed bitter leaf seasoning cubes or other natural sweeteners, palm oil, Salt, and pepper to taste. Stockfish head (okporoko) (optional), Ogiri or dawadawa or opkei (local ingredients) optional.Banga Soup is very popular among the Igbos, Ibibios, and Efik people. Egusi is rich in protein, eba, semo, poundo yam to even amala. It’s everyone’s favorite! Soups come with basic protein (beef, goat meat, chicken or fish), assorted such as shaki and intestine, kpomo, etc. Aside from the basic proteins, soup also comes with extras like dry/smoke fish, stockfish, periwinkle, eggs, gizzards, snail, etc depending on the kind of soup ordered and specification. Seasoning is done base on the customer’s specification and also includes choice of salt, oil, spice, etc. You can order directly on our website, or by clicking on BUY NOW button.